6th H+H Fire Under 14 Train & Play - guest coaches WGM Dagne Ciuksyte & Lateefah Messam-Sparks

Team Bobby Fischer and the victorious Team Judit Polgar having some fun before doing battle in the final round.

Guest coach Lateefah in action.

Guest coach Dagne in action.

On Sunday 12th November 2017 we travelled up to Moulsham Junior School in Chelmsford to a Train and Play chess event.

When we arrived we were split into 4 teams. We were all really happy to be in the same team – Magnus Carlson. The other teams were Judit Polgar, Bobby Fisher and Garry Kasparov.

Then we were all split into our training groups. I was in group A, Georgia and Theo were in B. Dagne Ciuksyte taught us a new chess opening and Richard Pert taught us new tactics.

First we all had a few friendly warm up games to get into the mood. Then when everyone was there we started our first match.

To start with our team played against Judit Polgar. They were really strong players. We had a really strong team as well.

I was on board 5, Georgia was on board 9, Theo was on board 8. Although Georgia is a bit stronger, it’s just she has a lower grade.

When everyone had finished their games (some were nail bitingly close) we found out that unfortunately Judit Polger had beaten us 9.5 to 8.5

The rest of the day passed in a flash between three rounds of chess games and two training sessions.

We all had such a good day and learnt lots of tips. Georgia won all 3 games and so came away with a huge Toblerone that she said she would share with us!

We look forward to the Train and Play days as even though it’s a long day as we live 1 1/2 hours away, the time passes so quickly.

Report by Marina, Georgia and Theo Pommier