Chesskids FunMaster Mike visits from the US!

At first, we were called over to a chess board on a stand, and FunMaster Mike showed us a famous game with a sacrifice. It was a bishop sacrifice where the bishop was moved into a position where the opposing pawn took it so that the king’s castled position would be very vulnerable. Then we were put into two groups, one with people of over grade 50 and one for lower than 50. Tables were set up separating the two groups so that FunMaster Mike and Richard Pert knew who to be wary of.

My game started off as most of my games do with the king pawn being moved forward. When he moved his rook, I pinned his bishop to his rook but he castled to stop the threat. After a while, FunMaster Mike had to leave so Mr Slade took his place. He pressurised my bishop until its death was inevitable so instead I attacked his queen forcing him to move it out of the way. Then, I took his knight with a bishop allowing me to fork his queen and bishop. Next move I took his bishop and after that we traded rooks and I began to attack. After I had pushed Mr Slade’s pieces back, he resigned and I won the game.

Report by Adam Baker