All-girl Team Judit Polgar win the 2nd Train & Play!

Lucy v Adam

Congratulations to Team Judit Polgar for winning the 2nd Brentwood Train & Play, managed by Sarah and captained by Abbey! Also congratulations to Findlay, Nina, Zoe, Purba & Advaith for scoring 3/3.

Another team I wanted to mention was the Garry Kasparov team, captained by Tristan and including lots of Brentwood School Players who – although they didn’t win – did improve dramatically over the first weekend – very encouraging!

Finally, congratulations Gavin on winning the parents tournament!

A few words of thanks from Robin and myself to all those who helped on the day including Richard H., Ting Ting, Emma, Gavin, Scott, Nate, Declan, Tim & all the team managers & captains amongst many others.

The final event this year is on Nov 13th, so I hope to see you all there. It may fill up – we have a maximum capacity of 48 and at the last 2 events we have reached full capacity.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

All the best,